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Showing Up As Your Authentic Self

There is strength in showing up as your authentic self in every situation. Not dimming your light, not playing small, not shrinking so others feel more comfortable or less upset with you.

I hadn’t fully realized, until late, the areas in my life where I stayed quiet because I didn’t want judgement from others and the times I dimmed my light because I knew another person around me was hurting or jealous.

When we bring awareness to who our authentic self is, and make a commitment to showing up as that person, and then also deciding not to worry about the opinions of others, a beautiful certainty, that’s balanced, not pompous, radiates from us.

When you embrace yourself, including all of the goals and ideas you have, including all the love and light you carry, including all the shadows you have yet to overcome, you can let yourself radiate this balanced energy into the world, and others can chose to admire, despise, or align themselves with it, but that is their own decision and their own journey. Not yours, and not yours to worry about.

So, where are you selling yourself short? Where are you playing small? Do you hide parts of yourself from yourself, friends, coworkers, family members? Do you belittle your goals?

Find where you already show up authentically as yourself, and take a real minute to imagine how it would feel to bring your authenticity into every moment. How freeing. ❤️

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