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Breathing Into What Could Be

At times, I can feel myself shrinking from stress. My thoughts become narrow focused & negative, my breathing become more shallow, tension builds inside my body. I’m not in a balanced state of mind. And it can be incredibly difficult to rise out of the grasp the mind holds over our awareness, as we are taught to operate primarily from the head and not from our heart space.

But when I take a conscious moment to pause my thoughts, I create an opportunity to break the cycle of stressful thinking. At first, my pause was only enough to work through the present issue - to learn what the fear or stress was trying to show me or teach me.

But when I took that pause a step further, by BREATHING into the possibility of what could be, my narrow focus expanded, and I could finally see the limitless opportunities and options than are always available to us.

When we Breathe into everything this very life has to offer, into what this body has to offer....

When we Breathe and sit with the infinite & expansive possibilities of our future...

When we Breathe and recognize that the universe has so much in store for us...

this awareness can reassure us of the abundance that is readily available to us.

This expansive state, is our true state.

When we breathe into the possibilities that could be, this is where we find our expanded self, the one that is not clouded or controlled by fear, stress, or worry.

We are far greater than our fears, if only we are brave enough to recognize it, to breathe into it, to give the true version of ourselves some space to be.


In this moment, try for yourself, to just sit with all that could be, all the possibilities (even your dreams and desires) and know that anything is possible. Your fears and stressors are just emotional guides, directing you to what you’re meant to do, be, or change about your life.

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