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The Beauty in Coming Home...

I have experienced the beauty in coming home to my inner, most authentic self. No longer needing to search for the answers externally, I can find the answers within me. The only trick, learning to listen. 

Our intuition speaks through our emotions and feelings, guiding us into alignment with our authentic self. However, through a lifetime of external conditioning, we learn to hide and cover up our inner light, making it difficult to recognize our innate guidance. 

So, why is it important to listen to our intuition and return to our authentic selves? Well, when we hide and cover up our true desires and wishes, we dim our inner light. When we ignore our intuition, we are living out of alignment with our highest self, and in turn, out of balance with the Universe.

From this state of dis-balance, issues can arise. We may notice a lack of purpose or meaning in our work, feelings of anxiety or sadness, a sense of external pressure, chronic stress, fatigue, or irritability that can place strain on our relationships, and if left unchecked for extended periods, "dis-eases" can manifest in the body. 

When we are acting from a state of balance, doing what we love, living outside of fear, stepping into the abundance of the Universe, we can manifest beautiful opportunities in our lives, while also enjoying every step along the way. I help people break through their perceived barriers to achieve their greatest goals while releasing negative emotions and promoting balanced wellness and health.

My work is focused on helping people return to their authentic self ~ clearing up shadows, breaking limiting beliefs, working through difficult emotions and behavior patterns, promoting their health and nutrition, and strengthening the connection to their intuition. 


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About Me

Hello! My name is Mallory Michele and I began my wellness journey in 2015.


While studying Health & Wellness at the University of Minnesota, I was faced with some mental and physical challenges. Much of this perceived stress was of my own creation, but nonetheless, it manifested within my body as anxiety, depression, and flare-ups of my Rheumatoid Arthritis. I was clearly living out of alignment and ignoring my body's cry for help, yet I continued to push through because that was the societal message I was living my life by - "if it doesn't hurt, you're not working hard enough."

While these challenges were occurring, I was fortunate enough to study nutrition, integrative medicine, kinesiology, psychology, and more. Through this knowledge, my physical health was the first to transform. I learned that we may not always have control of our health, but we always have control of our wellness. By changing my lifestyle to incorporate a healthy diet, eliminate triggering foods, increase movement, and soothe my stress, I allowed for amazing physical healing to occur within me. 

I went on to earn my Master of Science in Physician Assistant Studies, and I am working to become a Certified Functional Medicine Provider with the Institute of Functional Medicine. This type of medicine addresses the root causes of diseases, most of which cannot be quickly fixed with a pill or surgery. Instead, it addresses issues with nutrition, unhealthy lifestyles, and chronic stress. Thankfully, much of this work to improve physical wellness can be done outside a doctor's office. 

The other half of my work, arguably the most powerful part, is focused on the mind and soul. So much of my past suffering arose because I could not see the balance that was already present in my life. So much pain came from forcing myself to push through things that weren't meant for me. I tried to fit molds not meant for me and force positivity when I needed to feel all my emotions to learn what they were trying to teach me. It wasn't until I stopped to listen, and I mean truly listen, to the voice deep within me, coming from my heart, waiting to be heard. It was then that I learned we hold the answer to every question, the key to every door, the solution to every challenge, and the healing to every hurt.

 My life's work is to help others return to their inner light and natural state of wellness by creating true, lasting, and balanced change from the inside out.


Mallory Michele Iverson

B.S., M.S., PA-C

How I Can Help

How I Can Help

​If you have found yourself at a point in your life where you are... 

Not sure what you’re wanting in life

Feeling stuck or trapped in your current situation

Lacking excitement, having little energy, or feeling burnt out

Not finding pleasure or enjoyment in your life

Dreading getting out of bed in the morning or going into work

Feeling overly emotional or having frequent mood swings 

Noticing poor health

Making poor health choices

Feeling unmotivated and procrastinating important tasks

Listening to others judgements and opinions more than your own

Needing reassurance from others and not trusting yourself 

Feeling persistent emotions of guilt, shame, worry, fear, or sadness 

Feeling jealous or resentful of others

Feeling the need to numb your emotions with food, mindless activities, or other unhealthy habits

Forcing toxic positivity, or not handling negative emotions well

Not loving where you're at in life

Feeling that you’re meant for something more 

... then, I am here to help you uncover your own inner guidance. You can return to your truth, overcome your deepest challenges, and share your gifts with the world, no matter what age or stage you are at in life. 

Your most authentic self is awaiting your arrival, to show up in the greatest way you designed for! 

"Quiet the mind and the soul will speak."
- Ma Jaya Sati Bhagavati

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