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Not Knowing

Sometimes I don't have the answer. And that is okay.

It's okay to table your thoughts or feelings, give yourself a break from them, and whatever it is you're attempting to "figure out."

The answers don't always come from us digging, racking our brains, or creating long, drawn-out pros and cons lists. Sometimes, they come from letting go, giving your mind a break, or listening to your feelings.

What would it be like to sit back and allow the answer to come to you? Let yourself listen to the Universe and your heart.

It can feel painful or overwhelming at times. But that's where the answers lie.

Drop into that uncomfortableness, and ask what it wants from you.

It's okay to feel afraid. The more fear and anticipation we have over a question, the greater the release will be when we allow ourselves to drop into it.

Perhaps your heart doesn't know the full answer, or maybe your conscious self is not yet ready to hear it. And that is okay. It will come at the right time, and your emotions and soul self will keep dropping hints - intuition, gut feelings, emotions, triggers, etc., can all be hints, but we must be brave enough to listen to what they are telling us.

But, in the meantime, can you ask yourself what you need to feel supported? To feel loved unconditionally? To feel valued and important? What do you need from yourself to continue going? To be brave enough to weather the uncertainty. Strong enough to remind yourself of the beauty that exists in life, even in the moments when you feel pain. And then, can you give that to yourself?

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