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Creating Space

When you create space within yourself, you will find that you get to decide how you feel and act. Outside influences don't control you, your mood, or your energy state, making everything about your mind open to your control. That's not to say those outer influences don't take hold of your focus occasionally, but you learn to recognize it more quickly. And when you cultivate this awareness, you can ask yourself what these reactions truly mean, looking for specific pain points that might trigger you or discovering needs you feel are unmet. This awareness of what's bothering you and understanding why it's bothering you sets the stage for empowered healing to occur, gentle action, or inaction, to be taken. So you can create space for uncomfortable feelings rather than running from or reacting mindlessly to them.

Here are some practices and resources I have used to help foster space within myself:

  • Guided meditations, including apps like Headspace, Insight Timer, Chopra

  • Guided Tai Chi, including YouTube videos by Taiflow

  • Deep breathing techniques, I like to take three deep breaths a few times a day to reset my mind and bring awareness to my physical body.

  • Prioritizing time in nature, or doing any activity that allows you to drop into a mindfulness or meditation-like state. This can be things like art work, exercise, sports, etc

  • Books:

    • The Art of Contemplation: A gentle path to wholeness and prosperity by Richard Rudd

    • A Buddha Walks Into A Bar: A guide to life for a new generation by Lodro Rinzler

  • Videos:

    • Enthusiastic Buddhist on YouTube (personal favorites are "Meditation Tips on Taming the Monkey Mind" & "Letting Go & Developing Unconditional Love with Mindfulness")

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